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2010 оны 8-р сарын 25, Лхагва гариг, 04:06

Agreement Between the Government of Mongolia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey Concerning Cooperation in Tourism

The Government of Mongolia and Government of the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter referred to as “the Contracting Parties”),
In order to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries and to promote mutual understanding between their peoples;
Desiring to further develop cooperation in the field of tourism between the two countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit;
Taking into account the Osaka tourism declaration of November 3-4, 1994.
Have agreed as follows.
Article 1
The Contracting Parties shall encourage establishment of direct links between the State Tourism Administrations and private tourism companies of both countries and shall make and effort to increase a flow of tourist exchange in connection with this aim the Contracting Parties will make every effort for the exchange of information, documents, codes and regulations on tourism with the purpose of better acquainting the people of both countries with historical, cultural and tourist resources of each other.
Article 2
The Contracting Parties will make every effort for the exchange of know-how on tourism, planning, capital investment, construction, reconstruction and restoration of touristic installations, in building and putting into effect joint enterprises and joint projects and cooperation in all matters concerning tourism.
Article 3
The Contracting Parties will search ways and means for the exchange of know-how for vocational training in tourism and for financing joint projects for the education of educators in this field.
Article 4
The Contracting Parties will make joint activities for promoting the “Silk Road” as a new tourism project.
Article 5
The State Tourism Administrations of the Contracting Parties will set up the Joint Commission on tourism, which will coordinate and review the implementation of present Agreement, work out proposals and programmes for its fulfillment and adopt joint resolution for the development of bilateral cooperation.
The Joint Commission sessions will be held every two years alternatively in Mongolia and the Republic of Turkey and shall be chaired by the Head of the Delegation of the hosting country.
Article 6
The Agreement will be valid for five (5) years after the date it enters into force. This Agreement will be renewed automatically for further periods of (5) years, unless the Parties notify cancellation six (6) months in advance of its expiration.
Article 7
The Agreement enters into force following the exchange of ratified documents confirming the completion of the formalities in accordance with the existing laws of each country.
Signed in Ulaanbaatar on September 12, 1995 in two original copies, in English both equally authentic.

For the Government of                 For the Government of the
Mongolia                                       Republic of Turkey
Ts.Gombosuren                    Ayvaz Gokdemir
Minister for Foreign Affairs            State Minister