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Joint Communique on the Further Development of Mongolian-Turkish Relations PDF Хэвлэх И-мэйл
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2010 оны 8-р сарын 25, Лхагва гариг, 03:49

H.E. Mr. Natsagiin Bagabandi, President of Mongolia and H.E. Mr. Suleyman Demirel, President of the Republic of Turkey,
Evaluating of the optimum degree, the development of cooperation between the two countries, noting that this cooperation is significant with regard to the strengthening of economic development, peace, international security and stability,
Reconfirming their complaince to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and other documents adopted within this framework,
Expressing their decisiveness with regard to the strengthening of relations between the two countries,
Taking into consideration the stipulations of the Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation between Mongolia and the Republic of Turkey,


Declare the following:
1. Mongolia and the Republic of Turkey confirmed their will to maintain their future relations based on the principles of respect for independence and sovereignty, terrritorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs.
2. Taking into consideration the positive development of their bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and other fields, the Parties confirmed that they will exert every effort to further strengthen cooperation with the objective of developing the welfare of the people of both countries.
3. Noting the importance of complying with the principles and responsibilities of the United Nations Charter in international relations, the President of Mongolia and President of the Republic of Turkey confirmed their determination in relation to the development of cooperation with the aim of supporting and strengthening regional and global peace and security.
4. The Presidents confirmed that they will exert efforts with regard to harmonizing their policies at the United Nations and other international organizations, on issues of mutual interest.
5. The Presidents confirmed the impotance of continuation of contacts between the legislative organs of both countries. The Parties emphasized the importance of developing the relations between the Parliaments of both countries, and increasing the contacts between Parliamentarians and Parliamentary committees/commissions.
6. Taking into consideration the importance of cooperation in the fields of trade and economy, the Presidents agreed on taking measures concerning the development and broadening of the relations between the relevant institutions and companies active in both countries. The Parties welcomed the 2nd Term Meeting of the Joint Economic and Trade Committee held in Ulaanbaatar between 17-18, 1998.
7. Bearing in mind that joint historical and cultural ties constitute a major basis for the development of relations and cooperation, and confirming the significance of work in extensive research and promotion of this heritage, the Parties emphasized the importance attributed to the prompt completion of the restoration project concerning the Orhon Monuments.
8. The Parties will take the necessary measures with regard to the development of cooperation in the fields of transport and communications and encourage cooperation between the relevant institutions.
9. The Presidents declared that developing cooperation in the area of combating various illegal activities is one of the priority fields of cooperation between the two countries. The Parties underlined the usefulness of realization of comprehensive cooperation berween their relevant institutions in the combat against terrorism which constitutes one of the basic violations of human rights, organized crime, trafficking of narcotics, psychotropic substances, weapons and historical works.
10. Noting that they welcome the development of the legal basis of bilateral relations, the Parties emphasized that the necessary efforts will be made concerning the effective implementation of the agreements signed.
11. The Presidents expressed their satisfaction with the fruitful and successful outcome of the visit, which insured the further development of the relations between the two countries.
Presidents of Mongolia invited the President of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia at a time the most convinient for him. The invitation was accepted with gratitude. The dates of this visit will be determined through diplomatic channels.

Ankara, March 18, 1998

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