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IV. Security of Citizen`s Rights and Freedoms PDF Print E-mail


28. The security of the citizens` rights and freedoms means the situation when conditions are ensured for individuals to fully devote their physical and intellectual potential to their own benefit, to the interests of the country and the people, and for Mongolia to carry out its international obligations with respect to human rights.

29. External factors which may adversely affect the ensuring of the security of the citizens` rights and freedoms:

1.Violations of constitutionally, provided and guaranteed democracy, justice, equality and the citizens` rights and freedoms as a result of provocative actions and pressures by other States;

2. Breach of the unity among the population and between citizens by making use of ethnic and religious distinctions, as well as differences of opinion;

3. Restrictions of the rights, freedoms and equal status of Mongolian citizens traveling abroad on business or private trips, or residing there permanently or temporarily;

4. Entrapping of Mongolian citizens by foreign agencies and services through promises, incitement and brainwashing and using them to the detriment of Mongolia 's interests;

5. Emergence of dual citizenship which would result in the loss of guarantees to ensure the citizens' rights on the part of the State.

30. Internal factors which may adversely affect the ensuring of the security of the citizens` rights and freedoms:

I .Grave violations of human rights provided for by the Constitution and other laws of Mongolia , and by international treaties and conventions to which Mongolia is a party;

2. Lack or loss of real political, economic, social and other guarantees capable of ensuring the citizens' rights and freedoms provided for by the Constitution and other legislative acts of Mongolia;

3. Loss of citizens' sense of patriotism due to hard social and economic conditions.

31. Ways and means to ensure the security of the citizens` rights and freedoms:
Mongolia shall:

1. Guarantee the specific rights and freedoms of citizens provided for by the Constitution of Mongolia through the enactment of relevant legislation;

2. Besides acceding to multilateral treaties and conventions protecting human rights and freedoms, conclude bilateral treaties and agreements ensuring the interests of this country's citizens;

3. Set up a mechanism for providing Mongolian citizens traveling abroad with the needed information on their rights and obligations, on legal means of self-protection, as well as enhance the role and responsibility of the diplomatic missions of Mongolia abroad in the protection of the rights of citizens;

4. Identify and determine the root causes of political repression, rehabilitate the victims of repression and create political and legal guarantees to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies;

5. Support the activities of the non--governmental organizations aimed at protecting human rights and freedoms;

6. Have the option to introduce appropriate restrictions on human rights and freedoms in accordance with the law whenever the population and the gene pool of the nation are endangered due to the outbreak of acutely infections diseases and disparities in the age and sex ratios of the population;

7. Enact legislation prohibiting dual citizenship and conclude international treaties and agreements thereon;

8. Ensure that the citizens of Mongolia and foreign residents are prohibited from violating the rights and freedoms of others or cause damage to others while exercising their own rights and freedoms, as well as to infringe upon the security and the vital national interests of the country.

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