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24. Security of the social order and State system means the endurance of the state and socioeconomic structure, fundamental principles of State activities, as well as human rights and freedoms as provided for in the Constitution of Mongolia.

25. External factors which may adversely affect the security of the social order and state system:

1. Policies aimed at the destruction of the State, and social and economic structure of Mongolia ;

2. Sowing discord among nationalities, different social groups and national leadership in order to disrupt the integrity of the state system, or disrupting the national unity of the people or an attempt to do so;

3. Divulging state secrets including military and technological ones;

4. Espionage activities by foreign intelligence services and their accomplices.

26. Internal factors which may adversely affect the security of the social order and state system:

1. Impair the sovereignty of Mongolia provided for by the Constitution ;

2. Illegal seizure of state power or an attempt to do so;
3. Breach of the equality of forms of property and violation of the right to own property;

4. Breach of principles of non-interference by the state agencies in religious affairs and by religious entities in state affairs;

5. Breach of the principle of separation of State powers of Mongolia ;

6. Emergence of different splinter groups due to difference of views, of ethnic origin, religion, place of origin, contradictions within the national leadership on issues of national security;

7. Weakening of the country's defense potential and the ties between the people and the military;

8.Weakening of the respect for law and order in society, slackening of discipline and responsibility that lead to public disorders, weakening State governance, accountability and vigilance, disclosure of state secrets;

9.Aggravation of corrupt practices taking the form of organized crime;

10. Exhaustion of strategic and other national resources, outbreak of famine and natural calamities, spread of plagues leading to a large number human deaths

27. Ways and means to ensure the security of the social order and state system:
Mongolia shall:

One. 1) Enact legislation in compliance with the spirit, principles and provisions of the Constitution of Mongolia, and ensure strict observance thereof;

2) establish a political mechanism for the coordination of activities of political parties and movements;

3) provide conditions needed for protecting the top national leaders from influences contrary to the national interest, and take preventive and safeguarding measures;

4) make government activities transparent to the public except for cases prohibited by law for national security reasons.

Two.1) In foreign relations, exercise political realism and consistently principled approach, according top priority to the vital interests and other national considerations, and seek to secure many partners in international relations.

Promote a nonaligned policy so long as it does not threaten the country’s vital interests.

Whenever Mongolia 's interests conflict with those of other countries, a flexible approach shall be sought bearing in mind the vital national interests of Mongolia ;

2) Accord top priority to the question of relations with the two neighboring countries and adhere to the principle of a balanced relationship with them. Maintaining a balanced relationship does not mean keeping equidistance between them or taking identical positions on all issues but this policy does mean strengthening trust and developing all-round good neighborly, relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with both of them. In relations with these countries, due account shall be taken of their policies in regard to the national interests of Mongolia , above all its vital interests. A policy of non-involvement and neutrality shall be pursued in relation to the disputes between the two neighbors unless the disputes affect the vital national interests of Mongolia ;

3) Pursue an open foreign policy. Promote the policy of consultation with influential countries on issues of strengthening world peace and security, of developing international cooperation, of enhancing the country's strategic significance and fostering strategic interests of major powers in Mongolia;

4) In its relations with other developing and landlocked countries, pursue the line of jointly defending and promoting the shared interests on the international arena.

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